The Chikondra Trilogy

The Chikondra Trilogy is set in a future where planet Earth has overcome most of the social and political turmoil that had plagued centuries of its history with war, poverty, and suffering. Becoming a citizen of a broad, universal community, Earth’s citizens turn their collective gaze to expanding their world’s possibilities while simultaneously making contributions to a galactic alliance founded to promote peace and prosperity.

Guardian Redeemed, the romantic first book in the trilogy, introduces readers to citizens from Earth and from Chikondra whose lives will be woven into more than the history of Alliance. Their combined deeds promise to preserve the very fabric of the Alliance and its member worlds. The characters of Guardian Redeemed will begin the journey that will guide their destinies through the sequels Whispers from Prophecy and Lest Darkness Prevail in a saga pulsating with intrigue, danger, and growing mystic influence.

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